My 20 favorite builds in Last Epoch are like a buffet of destruction, from Void Knight Auto Bomber to the Rampaging Werebear. Whether you’re a summoner or a spell-caster, there’s something here for everyone. And if you’re into igniting everything in sight, the Burning Man Rune Master is definitely 🔥. So, are you ready to set the world on fire with these epic builds? 🌪️🔥

🎮 Introduction

Hello, travelers! Bardman 21 here, and today I’m excited to share with you my 20 favorite builds to play in Last Epoch. These are the builds that have brought me joy over my 14,000 hours of gameplay in the game. I’ll be covering the main aspects of each build, and there will be a link in the description to their corresponding build guides on YouTube.

🔥 The Void Knight Auto Bomber

In the number one spot, we have the Void Knight Auto Bomber. This build features a Sentinel class with the Void Knight Mastery, utilizing devouring orb and smite to unleash tons of void damage, while racing forward from group to group with Shield Rush. It’s a visually striking and formidable build for any Last Epoch player.

Build Highlights
Class: Sentinel
Mastery: Void Knight
Main Skills: Devouring Orb, Smite, Shield Rush

🐻 The Rampaging Werebear Druid

Coming in at the number two spot is the Rampaging Werebear Druid. This fast-paced build focuses on transforming into the Werebear and using a no cooldown traversal skill called Rampage to strike enemies with lightning and channel lightning strikes, making it a thrilling playstyle.

  • Class: Druid
  • Emphasis: Werebear Transformation, Lightning Strikes

🔥🔥 The Burning Man Rune Master

For those who love setting the world on fire, the Burning Man Rune Master is precisely that. This ignite Rune Master build deals extraordinary fire damage, spreading flames and ignition abilities to create a visually stunning and high-damage build.

Fire-Fueled Abilities
Rune Master Class
Emphasis: Fire Conversion, Ignition

🐺 The Primalist’s Herald of the Squirrel

If you’re a fan of minions, the Primalist’s Herald of the Squirrel is a beastly build that summons ten raging squirrels with unique abilities to wreak havoc while buffing and supporting them. It’s a fast, single-target powerhouse build with an endearing twist.

  • Class: Primalist
  • Unique Skill: Herald of the Squirrel
  • Emphasis: Minion Mastery

❄️❄️ The Cold Legion Necromancer

Played as a Necromancer, the Cold Legion build specializes in summoning a variety of cold-based minions, including mages and archers, to dominate enemies with ice projectiles and spells, providing excellent clearing and single-target damage.

Frosty Minion Legion
Class: Necromancer
Minion Army: Mages, Archers, Exploding Summons

⚡ The Runic Invocation Hydra

The Runic Invocation Hydra build features the Lightning Fire Runic Invocation construct known as the Hydra, dealing significant damage to all nearby enemies and retaining an auto-targeting mechanism. With a straightforward summoning process, this build is both enjoyable and powerful.

  • Class: Runemaster
  • Construct: Hydra
  • Emphasis: Lightning Elemental Damage

🌟 The Devotion Smiter Paladin

As a fast-paced spell-based tanky paladin, the Devotion Smiter build focuses on synergizing with a unique amulet called Devotion to enhance the power of Smite and deliver massive damage to enemies, making it an engaging choice for players.

Spell-Infused Paladin
Play Style: Tanky Spellcaster
Skills: Smite, Spell Synergy

🗡️🌪️ The Shadow Dagger Blade Dancer

If you enjoy a very fast-paced, Shadow Cascade-based playstyle, the Shadow Dagger Blade Dancer is perfect for you. Utilizing shadow daggers and Cascade, this build delivers thrilling, rapid-fire attacks, allowing players to tear through enemies with ease.

  • Class: Unknown
  • Emphasis: Shadow Dagger, Shadow Cascade

🏹 The Bow Mage Flurry Master

For fans of archer builds, the Bow Mage Flurry Master excels in delivering multi-shot, high-projectile damage combined with icicles to create a visually striking and fast-paced playstyle, ensuring an enjoyable experience for any archer enthusiast.

Archer’s Toolkit
Build Type: Bow-Based
Skills: Flurry, Multi-Shot, Icicle Procs

💀💥 The Explosive Lich Necromancer

For players who enjoy both minions and explosions, the Explosive Lich build offers a unique playstyle centered on sacrificing minions to unleash devastating explosions, resulting in effective damage and a dynamic playing experience.

  • Class: Necromancer
  • Explosive Ability: Sacrifice
  • Emphasis: Minion Demise

In the next header, you’ll learn about other exciting builds such as Elemental Nova, Thorn Totem Shaman, Storm Crow Beastmaster, and many more. These diverse and thrilling builds have been carefully curated to offer you the best of last Epoch gaming experience. Whether you’re into minions, elemental damage, or heavy-hitting spells, there’s a build for everyone. Never settle for a dull moment—explore the fascinating world of Last Epoch and uncover the build that resonates with your playstyle. So, let’s dive into these incredible builds and ignite your passion for gaming once again!

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