Swarmblade Druid is a lightning storm! New build’s stronger, faster, and tougher. Stormbolt boosts tornadoes & Maelstrom. Need crit strike, haste, and frenzy. Lightning damage swapped for spell damage. Gear: storm carve testament, claim scepter. Ancestral crown for max health and endurance. Endurance, crit avoidance, and resistances are key for survival. Lightning damage idols boosts sustain. Join Patreon & sub if I’ve earned it! ⚡🌪️💪🦟


In this guide, I will be sharing with you the updated version of my Swarmbolt Druid build. This build has been refreshed to improve strength, speed, tankiness, and overall damage output. We will delve into the skills, passives, gear, idols, and blessings required for this powerful build. Additionally, I will showcase the gameplay at the end of the video.

Skills Breakdown 🌪️

Swarmblade Form

  • Maelstrom Stacks
  • Serpent Strike
  • Tornado

New Skill: Gathering Storm

  • Boosts Stormbolt
  • Select nodes that buff Stormbolt, including base crit chance


  • Shifted into spell damage
  • Focus on cold damage
  • Unlock the ability to hit with Stormbolts
  • Enhance haste and frenzy


  • Triggers Stormbolts
  • Increase tornado duration
  • Utilize lasting storm for longer tornadoes

Serpent Strike

  • Provides life leech, dodge, attack speed, and armor shred
  • Generates a significant number of tornadoes through melee attacks

Passives 💪

  • Basic Tree: Focused on dual wielding, life, and damage
  • Beastmaster: Aspect of the Boar and leech for survivability
  • Druid: Emphasis on maintaining bug form, boosting attack speed, crit chance, and survivability

Blessings ⚡

  • Lightning damage leech
  • Lightning shred on hit
  • Endurance armor and armor
  • Prioritize tankiness for survivability

Gears & Idols 🛡️

  • No specific gear requirement
  • Storm Carve Testament and Clain Scepter are ideal choices
  • Attributes like life, lightning damage, spell damage, and resistances are essential


This revamped Swarmblade Druid Build is optimized for enhanced speed, damage, and tankiness. With the right combination of skills, passives, gear, and blessings, you can significantly boost the effectiveness of your character. Don’t forget to check out the advanced build planner and loot filter in the description for a seamless gaming experience.

Key Takeaways

  • Optimize Skills: Utilize the Swarmblade Form, Gathering Storm, Maelstrom, Tornado, and Serpent Strike for maximum efficiency.
  • Prioritize Passives: Focus on enhancing survivability, crit chance, and attack speed.
  • Choose Wisely: Select gears and idols that complement your build.
  • Stay Tuned: Subscribe for more build guides and exclusive content on Patreon.


Q: What are the primary skills for this build?
A: Swarmblade Form, Gathering Storm, Maelstrom, Tornado, and Serpent Strike

Q: How can I support the creator?
A: Consider subscribing and joining the Patreon community for exclusive perks.

🌩️ The Gameplay

[Embedded gameplay video]

Final Words

I hope you found this guide informative and engaging. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the Swarmblade Druid Build offers a thrilling and powerful gaming experience. Stay tuned for more thrilling build guides and exclusive content.

In conclusion, the updated Swarmbolt Druid build offers unmatched speed, damage output, and survivability. By strategically choosing skills, passives, gear, and blessings, you can unleash the true potential of your character. Subscribe to stay updated on future build guides and exclusive content. Thank you for being a part of this vibrant gaming community!

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