• Sham PL Beast Master: Super easy one-button build, starter-friendly, great at everything, fun to play, requires a little gear
  • Lightning Swarm/Frostbite Druid: Melee build, fun to play, scales spell and dodge, requires gear but strong
  • Beast Master Squirrel: Best single target build, strong against bosses, really fun to play, high damage potential
  • Flame Reaves: Stationary turret build, perfect AI, requires proper itemization, mechanically strong
  • Shadow Dagger Blade Dancer: Insanely powerful, fast melee build, high damage potential, no downside
  • Judgment Aura Paladin: Fun, mana-stacking build, good DPS, relies on attunement for damage scaling
  • Frostbite Frostclaw/Haruspex Rune Master: High damage, good tankiness, strong with permanent flame ward
  • Plasma Orb Rune Master: Bug-abusing but strong, scales with intelligence and penetration, high potential
  • Nova Hammerin Paladin: Incredible range and damage, good for arena and monoliths, mechanically strong
  • Ballista Demon Hunter: Fun, turret build with upcoming changes for potential synergy, squishy but enjoyable to play

Key Takeaways

Pros Cons
Starter-friendly build Not the best single Target DPS
Melee and throwing build More gear required for starters
Multiple ways to play the build Requires Idols for optimal play
Uses various elements for damage High damage potential
Consumes all mana for increased damage Mechanically strong build
Permanent flame ward for high damage reduction

🔮 Sham PL Beast Master Shadow Daggers Judgment Paror

The Sham PL Beast Master Shadow daggers judgment paror build plays extremely well and is super easy to play. It is a one-button build, making it very starter-friendly and easy on the hands. The build benefits from perfect AI due to its stationary minions, resulting in great damage output. Although not the best at single-target DPS, it excels in various aspects, making it a strong choice for beginners.

Pros Cons
Starter-friendly and easy to play Not the best at single-target DPS
Benefits from perfect AI Requires more gear for optimal performance
Excels in various aspects
Scales spell damage and DoTs

⚡ Lightning Swarm Blade and Frostbite Primalist Druid

The lightning swarm blade and frostbite primalist druid builds belong to the same category and vary in tankiness and damage output. Both builds rely on certain forms of crowd control for defense and are extremely fun to play, offering high damage potential. The lightning swarm blade scales dodge and stun, making it a fast-paced melee build, while the frostbite version utilizes frost damage over time for maximum efficiency.

🐾 Beast Master Squirrel Build

The Beast Master squirrel build is known for its exceptional single-target capabilities, making it one of the best in the game. It provides high damage and tankiness, allowing the player to engage with bosses and large groups of enemies effectively. With the ability to constantly freeze non-rare or boss enemies, this build offers a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience.

Pros Cons
Exceptional single-target capabilities Not the fastest mapper
High damage potential Squishier compared to other builds
Offers great tankiness
Unique gameplay experience

🔥 Flame Rates

The flame rates build is known for its high damage output and perfect AI, making it a strong choice for pushing corruption levels. With various ways to play the build and efficient itemization, players can enjoy a versatile and powerful gameplay experience with this build. It requires some investment in idols for optimal performance, but the results are rewarding.

🗡 Shadow Dagger Blade Dancer

The Shadow Dagger blade dancer build excels in leveling and offers high damage potential throughout the game. It provides a fast-paced, explosive gameplay experience, making it a top choice for players who want to dominate the game. With minimal downsides, this build is perfect for new and experienced players alike.

⚖ Judgment Aura Paladin

The Judgment Aura Paladin build is a unique and engaging playstyle that rewards players who actively manage their mana consumption. With versatile skill usage and damage scaling, this build offers both challenge and high damage output. It combines various mechanics and itemization to create a compelling gameplay experience.

❄️ Frostbite Frostclaw Rune Master

The frostbite frostclaw rune master build is known for its tankiness and high damage output. It benefits from access to permanent flame ward through frost wall, giving it impressive damage reduction and sustainability. The build focuses on maximizing damage over time, offering a balance of offensive and defensive capabilities.

⚡ Plasma Orb Rune Master

The plasma orb rune master build shines with its efficient scaling and extreme damage potential. Despite potential changes in future patches, this build remains one of the best in the game, offering versatile ways to optimize damage output through elemental penetration and intelligence scaling.

🔨 Nova Hammerdin Paladin

The Nova hammerdin paladin build showcases incredible range and damage potential, making it perfect for arena and monolith runs. While not the best in single-target DPS, it excels in crowd control and clearing large areas, offering a unique and enjoyable gameplay experience.

🏹 Ballista Demon Hunter

The ballista demon hunter build offers a different playstyle, emphasizing turret-based mechanics and versatility. With the potential for upcoming changes, players can expect exciting synergies and skill adjustments in future patches, making this build an intriguing choice for the upcoming 1.0 release. Despite its squishy nature, it offers a fun and engaging gameplay style.

In conclusion, Last Epoch features a diverse range of exciting builds and skillungen that cater to different playstyles and preferences. Whether you’re a beginner seeking a starter-friendly option or an experienced player looking for high damage potential, there are plenty of builds to explore and enjoy in the game. Explore the unique mechanics and versatile builds to find the perfect fit for your gameplay style. Happy gaming!


  • What is the best build for beginners?
    The Sham PL Beast Master Shadow daggers judgment paror build is a great choice for new players due to its starter-friendly nature and easy gameplay mechanics.
  • Which build offers the highest damage potential?
    The plasma orb rune master provides extreme damage potential and versatility, making it one of the best options for maximizing damage output.
  • Is there a build that excels in crowd control and area clearing?
    The Nova hammerdin paladin build showcases incredible range and crowd control abilities, making it a top choice for arena and monolith runs.

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