The Falconer reveal is officially here and it’s like a cat out of the bag or maybe a falcon out of the cage! With five new skills, there’s a lot to cover. From Falconry to Explosive Trap, Net, Dive Bomb, and Aerial Assault, this Mastery is bringing a whole new level of excitement. But be careful, you can’t have multiple Falcon skills active at the same time, so choose wisely! Can’t wait to see this in action! 🦅🌟

The Exciting New Skills Unveiled! 🦅

Key Takeaways

Last Epoch’s Falconer Mastery will be released on February 21st, 2022.
The Falconer will introduce five new skills to the game, each with unique abilities and playstyles.
The reveal provides an in-depth look at Falconry, Explosive Trap, Net, Dive Bomb, and Aerial Assault.

Falconry: Passive Summons and Aerial Strikes 🪶

The Falconry skill brings a new dimension to minion-based gameplay, enabling players to summon a falcon that fights for them. The active ability, Falcon Strikes, allows the falcon to rapidly hit enemies in a targeted area, scaling with minion and dexterity stats.

Falconry Tool Tip
Passive: Summons a falcon that fights for you
Active: Falcon Strikes hits enemies rapidly in the targeted area
Scaling Tags: Minion companion, dexterity, physical, and melee

Explosive Trap: Strategic Area Denial 💥

Explosive Trap introduces an element of tactical gameplay, allowing players to throw traps that explode when triggered, dealing fire damage and immobilizing enemies. With the ability to have a maximum of six active traps at a time, Falconer players can create a fiery battlefield.

Explosive Trap Tool Tip
Throws a trap that explodes when triggered, dealing throwing fire damage
Traps take 4 seconds to arm and explode when enemies walk over them or after 30 seconds
Scaling Tags: Fire, throwing, and dexterity

Net: Snaring and Neutralizing Enemies 🕸️

The Net skill offers Falconer players a crowd control option, as they can leap backwards and throw a net to snare enemies, dealing physical damage. The netted enemies are immobilized, while bosses and rare enemies have reduced movement speed, adding a layer of strategy to combat encounters.

Net Tool Tip
Leaps backward and throws a net, snaring enemies and dealing physical damage
Netted bosses and rare enemies have 35% less movement speed
Scaling Tags: Physical, throwing, and dexterity

Dive Bomb: High-Speed Aerial Assault 🌠

As one of the most anticipated skills, Dive Bomb lives up to its expectations by allowing the Falcon to ascend high into the sky and dive bomb the target location at high speed, dealing a significant amount of physical damage to enemies in the area. With a meteor-like effect, this skill promises to be a game-changer for Falconer players.

Dive Bomb Tool Tip
Ascends high into the sky and dive bombs the target location at high speed
Deals a high amount of physical damage to enemies in the area
Scaling Tags: Physical, minion, and dexterity

Aerial Assault: Leaping and Wing Burst 🦅

The Aerial Assault skill brings a dynamic movement option to the Falconer’s arsenal, allowing them to leap towards the target while their falcon dives to catch them, unleashing a wing burst at the target location. This skill seamlessly integrates physical, minion, and dexterity scaling, providing versatility in combat.

Aerial Assault Tool Tip
Leaps towards the target and the falcon unleashes a wing burst at the target location
Scaling Tags: Physical, minion, and dexterity


The Falconer Mastery in Last Epoch introduces a diverse set of skills that cater to different playstyles, from minion-focused strategies to high-speed aerial attacks. With the official reveal providing detailed insights into each skill’s functionality, players can look forward to engaging with this new Mastery on February 21st.

The possibilities for character builds and combat tactics appear to be endless, as the Falconer rises to become a significant addition to the Last Epoch universe. Stay tuned for more in-depth analyses and discussions as the community delves deeper into this exciting new content.

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