• All the new uniques coming for Last Epoch in 1.0 are game-changers! From the wheel of Torment staff to the Vial of Volatile Ice off-hand Catalyst, these uniques will have a major impact. Plus, the Talons of Veiler bow and The Wraith Lords Harbor are absolutely insane. Get ready for some epic builds with these new uniques! 🎮 #GameChanger #LastEpoch #UniqueGear


Hello, travelers! We now have all of the new uniques that will be coming for Last Epoch in version 1.0. There are 13 new uniques, each with exciting features and abilities. Let’s dive into the details of each unique and explore their potential impact on gameplay.

Wheel of Torment 🌀

The Wheel of Torment is a two-handed staff with unique abilities, bringing a new dimension to gameplay. It offers melee and spell damage, as well as spell Mana cost reduction. With features such as curse infliction, increased haste, necrotic penetration, and chance to cast Konic Fisher, it promises a unique and dynamic playstyle. 🌀

Unar Rise Idol 🌟

With the Unar Rise Idol, you can enhance your Elemental damage with its unique properties. It provides a 1% chance per intelligence for 11% more Elemental damage, opening up exciting possibilities for damage optimization. 🌟

Anvar Exile 🏰

The Anvar Exile is a formidable 1×4 Idol that offers a 3% chance per intelligence for 33% increased Elemental damage. This grants substantial damage potential, creating strategic opportunities for players. 🏰

Unar Kimon Idol 🌌

The Unar Kimon Idol introduces a 2X2 format with the enticing offer of 2% Elemental penetration per intelligence, providing a powerful advantage for players. 🌌

Communion of the Erase Belt ⚡️

The Communion of the Erase Belt amplifies stats when using a potion, offering increased armor, Mana, and damage to stunned enemies. Its unique potion slot and pre-equipped Weaver item add depth to its gameplay potential. ⚡️

Potion Slot +1
Armor Increased
Mana Spent for Gain Increased
Damage to Stunned Enemies Increased


In conclusion, the new uniques coming in version 1.0 of Last Epoch offer diverse and compelling features that will significantly impact gameplay. Each unique presents distinct advantages, opening up a wide range of strategic possibilities for players. With these new additions, the game experience is set to become even more dynamic and engaging. 🚀

Key Takeaways

  • 13 new uniques announced for Last Epoch 1.0
  • Diverse abilities and properties for each unique
  • Enhanced potential for strategic gameplay and character customization


Q: Are these uniques expected to significantly impact the game meta?
A: Yes, each unique offers powerful advantages that can potentially shift the current meta.

Q: Will these new uniques be accessible to all players?
A: The rarity of these uniques is yet to be determined, but they are expected to be sought after by dedicated players.

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