Last Epoch has a unique feature – you can start the endgame as early as level 15. It’s dangerous, but you get a lot of XP. Plus, you can still get your passive points and idol slots. So, it’s like a middle ground between Path of Exile and Diablo 4. Skip the campaign with Last Epoch and have a great time! 😎

🎮 Endgame Content Path in Last Epoch

In this video, we’ll be discussing the option to skip the campaign in Last Epoch. Unlike Diablo 4, which has an easy campaign skip, Last Epoch offers a unique feature that allows players to go to the monolith system as early as level 15.

📈 Campaign Skip and Monolith System

Upon reaching the end of time around level 15, players can access the monolith system in Last Epoch. Although the areas are still level 58, players can gain a significant amount of XP, despite the high likelihood of encountering death. Most players find it safer to start going to the monolith system at level 30 or 32.

| Campaign Skip in Last Epoch|

| — |
| Unique monolith system feature |
| Access as early as level 15 |
| Good hardcore option from level 30 to 32 |

💼 Getting to the Monolith and Crafting Gear

Crafting gear and preparing for encounters in the monolith system is essential, especially when it comes to resistance and damage types. Players have the opportunity to find items with legendary potential, which can significantly boost their fire damage and aid in the monolith system.

  • Equipping Gear for Resistance
  • Crafting Gear for Resistance Types
  • Utilizing Legendary Potential for Fire Damage

🎒 Finding the Temporal Sanctum Key

During gameplay, players should look for Temporal Sanctum Keys, which can be obtained from various chests. This key is crucial to progress further and unlock more features in the game.

🗝️ Using Temporal Sanctum Keys

In order to access the Temporal Sanctum, players must reach a certain level and secure a key. This feature unlocks multiple idle slots and passive points, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.

| Progressing with Temporal Sanctum Keys |

| — |
| Key locations throughout the game |
| Unlocking additional features |
| Reaching level 28 to 32 for optimal use |

🏰 Unlocking Idle Slots and Passive Points

After acquiring the Temporal Sanctum Key and navigating through a challenging zone, players can access new quests and unlock idle slots and passive points, reducing the need to complete the full campaign.

  • Completing Dungeon Challenges
  • Unlocking New Quests in the Radiate Dunes
  • Fast-tracking Idle Slot Rewards

🛠️ Finalizing Game Progress and Tips

For experienced players, utilizing the campaign skip and following the outlined strategies can significantly reduce game completion time and enhance the overall gaming experience.

🏅Completing Game Progress

By reaching the Hboria area and completing additional quests, players can obtain their final idle slots, solidifying their game progress and character development.

Completing Final Quests
Obtaining final idle slots
Essential tips for game completion

In summary, Last Epoch’s campaign skip and unique features provide an efficient and engaging gaming experience that sets it apart from other games in the genre. Thank you for tuning in, and feel free to share any additional tips or insights in the comments below!

Key Takeaways

  • Emeralds allow you to heal when completing monoliths
  • Utilize legendary potential for powerful gear enhancements

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