Alright, here’s the scoop on Falconer Build Day 4: Dive into the action with some hot fixes and gear tweaks. The real gem? Dive bombing with a legendary Wen chest for that sweet +4 dive bomb action. But watch out for those high corruption levels—it’s a balancing act between stacking stats and dodging boss attacks. Let’s roll with the punches and see where this wild ride takes us! 🦅💥


In the fourth day of refining my Falconer build in Last Epoch, I’ve made significant adjustments, considering the impact of a recent hotfix addressing bug issues and dive bomb modifiers. While contemplating a better chest piece and diving into specific items like LP2 or Wen flesh, my focus is on achieving a balance between health, dexterity, and dive bomb bonuses.

Character Progress

Exploring different Echo timelines, I embarked on an empowered monolith in the Lagon timeline, adjusting my strategy for improved resistance. The challenge lies in optimizing my Strike chance for more reliable damage output, a puzzle I’m actively solving through various tests and adjustments.

Aspect Details
Dive Bomb Armor Roll Legendary Wen with +4 Dive Bomb
Target Resistance Exploring upgrades for resistance
Key Skill Aerial assault for devastating crits

Building Crit Consistency

In my pursuit of reaching a million damage, I delve into crit mechanics, aiming for consistent crits with my pet. This involves tweaking Talons of the Falcon, focusing on flat crit values, and experimenting with gear adjustments for optimal results.

"Crit consistency is key – stacking Talons and maximizing crit chance for devastating pet attacks."

Monolith Strategy and Challenges

Running a Rain of Dragons monolith, I acknowledge the need for caution due to the high corruption level for my character. Balancing risk and reward, I plan to acquire an Omnis necklace from Oris at 200 corruption, enhancing my survivability and damage output.

Challenge Approach
Boss Engagement Adapting to different boss attack patterns
Corruption Adjustment Incrementally increasing corruption for challenges
Future Gear Goals Prioritizing items with glancing blow and armor

Skill Adjustments and Insights

Fine-tuning my skills, I’ve made adjustments to passive points, emphasizing movement speed and glancing blow. The goal is consistent damage mitigation, minimizing reliance on RNG factors like dodging and shrouds.

"Shifting focus to reliable damage mitigation – emphasizing resistances, armor, and glancing blow."

Future Plans and Challenges

Looking ahead, my goal is to further increase corruption, optimize gear, and overcome specific boss challenges. I’m also strategizing around obtaining lightning resistance blessings and reaching the 10th rank for additional rewards.

"Continuous refinement and strategic planning pave the way for a formidable Falconer build."

Tips for Prophecy Management

Acknowledging a viewer’s tip during the livestream, I consider a cost-effective approach to prophecies, leveraging faction reputation gains for efficient prophecy rerolls.

"Optimizing prophecy spending – doubling faction reputation gains through strategic rerolls."


As I navigate the evolving landscape of Last Epoch, the Falconer build undergoes constant adaptation and improvement. The journey involves balancing offense and defense, exploring new timelines, and embracing challenges to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Focus on crit consistency for powerful pet attacks.
  • Strategize corruption increases for challenging encounters.
  • Prioritize gear enhancements for glancing blow and armor.
  • Efficiently manage faction reputation for cost-effective prophecy rerolls.

Feel free to share your thoughts or ask questions about my Falconer build journey!

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